Master Can, officially named: Shi Yan Can, has been practicing Kung Fu from age 7. 

After many years of trials and competitions he achieved the 6th Duan in Chinese Wushu, plus the title: National Master Sportsman.

He now travels around the world to teach students of all ages and nationalities, both beginner and advanced.

Hometown: Dengfeng, He'nan Province (birthplace of Shaolin). 

Current Occupation: Teaching Tai Chi and Kung Fu at the Jumeriah Hotel, Thalis Spa in Dubai.



Weapon Specialties:

- Broadsword (Dao Shu)

- Straight Sword (Jian Shu)

- Staff (Gun Shu)

- Halberd (Pu Dao)

- Spear (Qiang Shu)

- Three Piece Staff (San Jie Gun)

- Chain Whip (Jiu Jie Bian)

- Daggers (Shuang Bi Shou)

- Meteor Hammer (Liu Xing Chui)


Form Specialties:

- Shaolin fist

- Baji

- Bagua Palm

- Fanzi

- Drunken Fist

- Eagle 

- Tai Chi


Awards and Achievements:


Master Can holds a 6th Duan in Chinese Martial Arts.

2009 National Martial Arts Competition, Yichun (Jiangxi Province)
- 1st place in Fist

- 1st place in Staff (Gun Shu)

2009 National Youth Championship in Chongqin
- 2nd place in Sword Form (Dao Shu)

2010 National Competition (Duan Grading) in Zhengzhou
- 1st place in Changquan

- 1st place in staff (Gun Shu)

2010 International Martial Arts Festival in Zhengzhou
- 1st place in Staff (Gun Shu)

- 1st place in Sword Form (Dao Shu)

2011 National Wushu Forms Tournament in Shanghai
- 2nd place in Sword Form (Dao Shu)

2011 National Traditional Championships
- 1st place in Baji fist from

2012 National Traditional Championships in Guangzhou
- 1st place in Pu Dao
- 4th place in Fanzi Fist Form

2012 National University Games in Tianjin
- 2nd place in Broadsword (Daoshu)
- 3rd place in Staff (Gunshu)

From 2006 till 2011 Master Can has won 1st place at the National Kung Fu championships in He'nan province and Dengfeng City.


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