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From UK



I have had a very good experience learning tai chi with Master Can. He is an excellent teacher and spiritual guide, and has inspired me to continue learning and improving.





What a true blessing and joy it always was and is to arrive for Master Can s class at Jumeirah Madinat Hotel, Dubai, on a Sunday morning. The perfect startup for the week as I was gently guided with ever lasting patience and Love through a warm up with some Qi Gong movements followed by teachings of the benefits of tai chi as well as some complicated sequences which Master Can taught in such a way that only after a few times I felt that I could follow the flow of it. All in all time stood still during this hour of peace and tranquility when literally all that mattered at that particular moment in time was to unwind, de stress, fully focus on the breath and body of me whilst feeling the breeze of the sea and totally mesmerized and taken by the beautiful scenery around and beyond. What more could I ever ask for than such an awesome setting combined with the presence of a tai chi master of time, energy, patience and knowledge! Thank you!




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 From USA



Over the years, I have tried several times to study Tai Chi. I can think of 3 teachers from my past who introduced me to this extraordinary practice. But it is Master Can who brought it to life for me and finally solidified it as a permanent part of my life. He is a remarkable skilled teacher who also possesses the patience necessary to guide someone like me through this process. I am deeply grateful to him.

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